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Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Urologist Paweł Doctor Paweł
13 years
To all patients in Poland who come to me with a diagnosis already made, I recommend taking Urotrin powder. Even though a person needs radical treatment, herbal vitamin D supplementation helps. In a week or two, the tone of the body as a whole increases noticeably, the patient regains confidence in himself, in his abilities and in his future. Often times, it is the use of urotrine that becomes the push that puts the frightened person on the road to recovery. The restoration of sexual function is a great therapeutic power!

Urotrine - a medicine for improving the genitourinary system

The biogenic urotrine complex is a medicine based on natural ingredients. As a regulator of the functions of the genitourinary system, the vitamin-plant complex is used to get rid of pathologies of the urinary system.

Urotrin to restore men's health

The composition is also effective as a corrector of sexual function in men. Reception of the complex allows you to reduce, and sometimes completely eliminate pain and cramps in the ureters, increase sexual desire, overcome inflammation of the prostate.

According to researchers in Western Europe, the drug is indicated for almost half of adult men. The high incidence of prostatitis, caused by a decrease in the general resistance of the organism of a modern city dweller to infections, worries doctors. Therapeutic and prophylactic agents, which include the plant-vitamin complex, can increase the non-specific resistance of the male body, prevent premature aging, and improve the immune response to infection.

According to information gathered by German experts, the use of urotrine powder not only relieves inflammation of the prostate, but also inhibits tumor processes that started in glandular tissue.

Cases of the drug's curative effects on people with infertility are not uncommon. The herbal components of the drug increase the percentage of active moving sperm, vitamin D increases male fertility.

The careful selection of the natural components of the drug allowed to achieve excellent efficacy of the active ingredients with total safety of the drug for the patient. In the vast majority of cases, Urotrin powder does not cause any negative sensations during and after administration. Contraindications to the use of the drug are rare.

An important factor in the user's choice is the ability to buy medicine in Poland at an affordable price. On the official website, buyers have the right to order Urotrin at a reduced price of 139zł - what is the price in other countries. Poland is one of the states on whose territory the action is valid.

Composition - completely natural!

Urotrine powder contains:

Composition of Urotrin oak bark powder

The ratio and concentration of the biologically active components of the urotrine preparation are chosen so that the mutual influence maximizes the final effect of the agent.

Even a short intake of Urotrin powder gives a noticeable result: the discomfort disappears, the ability to have full intercourse is restored, an erection becomes long and powerful.

Research and conclusions

The honor of creating the drug formula belongs to the specialists at the Center for Reproductive Medicine Berlin. The close collaboration of an international team of scientists has given an amazing result: the biogenic Urotrin complex is recognized as a means of emergency medical care for lesions of the genitourinary system. The drug's key role in restoring male health is recognized by the global community.

Urotrine powder research and conclusions

Multi-step testing of the drug on thousands of volunteers in several age groups has confirmed the safety and effectiveness of the composition. Depending on the conditions of the test, the volunteers took the herbal composition twice a day for a month. Subjects' condition was assessed once a week.


The efficiency of phytopreparation is recognized as a benchmark. Free from negative effects on any of the body's systems, Urotrin is of undoubted benefit to any man who takes the powder, and his partner, and society as a whole. The restoration of male health occurs several times faster when taking the drug.

Without harm to health, even if the recommended dose is repeatedly exceeded, herbal medicine relieves a person from many ailments, delays the onset of old age and prolongs life.

German scientists recommend taking Urotrin not only as a therapy, but also as a prophylactic agent. A healthy lifestyle, physical activity and periodic intake of the complex guarantee quality intimate relationships at any age!

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