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  • Paweł
    I don't like to drink Urotrin powder. I prefer to pour the five grams of the composition in my mouth and wash it with warm, clean water. I know not according to the instructions, but not a crumb remains on the sides of the glass. Does he help? And how! I've met all the doctors before, I've heard enough about such passions - I didn't want to live! Now you want and can!
  • Paulina
    The instruction for the urotrine drug promises a slight gradual effect, but it helped my husband suddenly and immediately. Very well! For him, I am a woman he wants again; for me he is the best man in the world!
  • Mateusz
    When I ordered Urotrin I thought I would be a jerk again. But the fools were the ones who scolded the drug without trying it. I tried it and am satisfied. I am 57 years old, I am not sick of anything, suddenly I began to feel a faint burning sensation in the urethra - a sort of banal infection, which the body resists with age. I drank urotrin, everything is fine.
  • Aleksandra
    Sex in my life with my husband has become little: once a month, sometimes twice, if we can seduce. I searched, choosing a medicine that would help both of us and not hurt anyone. Why not have tried, how much money wasted. . . Only Urotrin really helped. The husband frowns, but drinks. I am, and not just because of sex. Health is the most precious thing!
  • Michał
    I bought the first box of Urotrin powder at the doctor's insistence. I decided to order the second and third myself. I never believed that two daily handfuls of grated vegetation could change your life for the better. After a month of lessons, the sky is blue, and the women are more beautiful, and I want to play football with the boys, like forty years ago. Excellent medicine!
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